Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Watch This: Medicine For Melancholy

Doesn't this look goooood??? I wanna see it... but is it Love Jones allover again but in San Francisco? Sighs. I miss when I used to go the Bay. Shout out to Stella & Norm, Corey & Courtney, Symone & my namesake Naomi Janee, oh and the guy that took me to Grizzly Peak. I hope this is as good as it looks, I love a good indie flick, esp one with some colored folks in it.

P.S. Timm thanx 4 puttin me on :-p


TC said...


Seems like a Pharoahe Monch video could cover the same amount of ground in a fraction of time.

On a side note. San Fran is nice (none) but I was there in the middle of July and freezing my ass off!!!

The Kiss and Tell Blog said...

Love it!! Now I have to find it. Thanks for sharing.