Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jam of the Day: They Reminisce Over You

No I'm not mourning anybody. I just remember the way this song made me feel back in what was it, 92? 93? I wish I had the free time to just sit in my room and play songs over and over, scribbling lyrics down in attempt to memorize. As it is, right now I'm stealing time from another impending deadline to post this. Enjoy.


giles said...

top 3 all time!

ml said...

ahhhh i remember them days!!! how bout sitting in front of the stereo, timing songs to be played in playlist loop.... cursing yourself to hit both the play and record button at the same time to make sure u get it right at the intro of the song...and curse the dj if he speaks thru the intro chord. ahhhhhhhhhhh! the day of self-made mixtapes!