Saturday, February 28, 2009


The above pictured man is about as nasty as you can possibly find on this planet. He had sex with a helluvalot of DEAD women. Some of whom were strangled to death. Others who were nearly BEHEADED. The shit makes my skin crawl.

A morgue attendant had sex with more than 100 corpses at the mortuary where he worked, prosecutors claimed today.

Kenneth Douglas,55 , took advantage of 16 years of night shifts to abuse the women's bodies.

He was frequently high on drink or drugs during his macabre activities, which were only discovered after American police carried out DNA tests.

Douglas is already serving a prison sentence after admitting having sex with the nearly beheaded corpse of Karen Range, who was 19 when she as murdered in 1982.

But he now faces two identical charges after forensic experts analysed evidence from two women who were murdered in 1991.

Police believe the number of bodies he abused could be more than a hundred though he claims to not remember any identities.

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Think I'm gonna be sick...

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