Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Countdown to NBA2K10 + Konsole Kingz & Don Cannon Make A Mixtape

NBA2K10 drops next week, October 6th and the features on this version are even more unbelievable. Just check out the screenshot below of cover boy Kobe and Shaq battling it out for a look at the graphics...

Apparently it's not just all about the NBA either -- rapper Wale also makes an appearance in the game.

Looks pretty hot right? I'll be honest though, I rarely have free time to play video games, so I'm a little more excited that the Konsole Kingz teamed up with Don Cannon to make a mixtape inspired by the game.

Of course Wale is featured, along with Ludacris, Slim Thug, Cool Kids, Freeway and my homie Sean Falyon are all included on what will be the first mixtape in the Konsole Kingz Music 2 Game 2 Series

For more info and to download the iTunes "friendly" version (with cover art embedded), follow this link: http://www.konsolekingz.com/blog/?p=4215

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