Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Tasteless Ish

I don't normally post entire articles but I'm making an exception today. The product you just viewed in the video has been using Jennifer Hudson's personal tragedy as an example to help sell them.

This story comes courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:

Officials with a company that manufactures shotgun racks sent out a news release Tuesday that asked, "Could a Bedside Shotgun Rack Have Saved Jennifer Hudson's Family from Tragic Death?"

The rack, called The Back-Up ($39.95, plus shipping and handling), is designed to fit along the side of the gun owner's bed, between the mattress and box spring. The release goes on to say, "Whether it is someone known or a stranger entering the home, too many people in this country are paying with their lives during these home invasions. The Hudson family is just one of far too many Americans gunned down in their own home."

A. John Peters, president of Home Back-Up Protection, said Tuesday that he didn't issue the news release to capitalize on the Chicago family's pain.

"I really feel sorry for these people," said Peters, 60. "I just don't want this to happen to someone else. Sometimes I think people need to be hit between the eyes."

Peters, of Browerville, Minn., population 734, said he got the idea while talking with some co-workers about the Hudson tragedy, in which the Oscar-winning actress' mother, brother and nephew were shot to death.

Asked if he thought the ad might offend people, Peters said he expected it might. "Just having a gun rack offends a lot of people."

Git yer gun rack folks. Crazy how that joint is definitely within child reach!


southpeezy said...

the disclaimer said not for use in homes with children....

yeah it can be argued as tasteless involving JHud's family. thats a little much.

at least its safer than sleeping with it tucked under the pillow.

Teej said...


some people just lack compassion and/or good ol common sense.

JNOTA said...

wow, wft is this? crazy...