Wednesday, July 22, 2009

BMI Brings The Talented Brothers Out For Ladies Night in ATL

I've been trying to keep the newly grown and sexy Sammie as my own personal little secret for a little while now, but after my XXL editor Clover Hope assigned me to interview him about "Kiss Me Through The Phone" for our Best of Both Worlds column, I knew now that he's matured from his days as a kiddie crooner he'd recapture more than a few hearts as an adult. BMI featured him at their Ladies Night showcase in Atlanta last night (Tuesday July 21st)at Sambuca.

BMI Presents: Ladies Night Out also featured performances from singer/songwriter Kevin Cossom (responsible for some of hip-hop's most popular hooks) and 19-year-old singer Unique. Those of your familiar with my work may recall the Show & Prove story I did on him for the April Issue of XXL).

(Sammie, Kevin Cossom & Unique with Catherine Brewton, Wardell Malloy & Byron Wright).

Thanks to Jamil & Kay for the invite to the event. It was a great one.

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