Sunday, October 4, 2009

A3C Day 3: More Pictures!

So Saturday was the last night of A3C so I had to go show love to my homie DV One! As you know I post his mixes here regularly, but since he's in Seattle I rarely see him. He and the Big Tune team (Jake One, J.Moore, Vitamin D) were over at The Earl in East Atlanta hosting Red Bull Big Tune: A3C All Star Edition feat. Battle Cat, 9th Wonder, Diamond D & DJ Premier so I stopped by to soak up the beats that provide the backbone of hip-hop music.

I ran into Dow and Henny of Tha Bizness while I was over there. I also caught sight of Maestro in the crowd. The vibe over at the Earl was completely different than over at Five Spot, in the fact that every single audience member was totally focused on what the men onstage were doing. The energy in there was amazing, it was the stuff producer hard-ons are made of.

In case you didn't know, Tha Bizness are also from Seattle and DV and Dow are close like brothers (Henny and Dow are cousins) and their cousin Jay Berry, who is also a songwriter/producer, was also in the house. So it was truly a family affair. I couldn't stay long because I wanted to try and see Rakim at Ice House, so I left after staying for most of Premier's set.

And I arrived at Ice House just as Evil Dee, Walt, DJ Bazarro, Wayne Ski and more of my NY peoples were leaving. They tried their best to get me and Jah in but the spot was at capacity so we opted to head back to Five Spot in time to see Diz Gibran, U-N-I, J.Cole and Bobby Creekwater.

Tree Sound Studios A&R Jason "Jah" Lee (manages Sugar Tongue Slim, Sterling Simms and Miz Shanti) with hip-hop aficionado Eastside Kris!

The L.A. homie El Prez posted up at the bar before his Perfect Attendance Performance.

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