Saturday, October 10, 2009

BET Awards: B.O.B. For Rookie of The Year

The BET Hip-Hop Awards are being taped today in Atlanta, and after covering them for last year I have a pretty good idea what folks in attendance are in for. I'll be missing the awards this year (my little brother is getting married in Oregon today) but there is one person in particular who I hope gets an award -- although I really think he's above the awards show politics, particularly from the network that's still struggling to get it right.

B.O.B. is my favorite to win in the Rookie of the Year category -- he's nominated along with Dorrough, Wale, Drake and Kid Cudi. Of course Drake is the favorite in the category, but I thought it was an interesting gesture for BET to nominate B.O.B. when he's been an outspoken critic of the whole "Patron and Swag" movement (that BET loves so much). I interviewed the rapper also known as Bobby Ray a few weeks ago when his nomination was announced and asked him to address the irony. Here is what he had to say.

I’ve always been this I’m gonna be different, stand alone [artist] but after awhile you have to learn how to keep your soul but still operate in the system. You got to be in the system but not of it. When it really starts picking up and you start entering mainstream America and becoming a household name which I’m just starting to, now it’s even more of a challenge to stay true to my nature. It’s one thing when you have an intention to be different and it’s another when you are naturally different, so in order to be myself and stay sane I just have to be me, which will stand out naturally.

Love that kid. Good luck today B.O.B.

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