Monday, November 23, 2009

Listen Up: Sugatreats Radio

Yea''s another Monday, which means another edition of SUGATREATS is about to bless the airwaves of New York! Join Ohsokool and KiaStar as they broadcast live from the studios of WHCR 90.3FM - to the entire world thanks to their live internet AND video stream.

R&B, Eclectic Soul, HipHop, Classics, talk, special guests plus YOU, make for a great reason to listen to radio again. If you head to SUGATREATS.COM, you can also chat live in realtime, give shouts and or make requests. So...if your tired of the same cookie cutter radio formats, generic voiceovers, same 25 songs, fog-horn siren and applause sound effects, check out SUGATREATS starting at 8PM (EST), and 5PM (PST).

SUGATREATS = Earcandy for your listening pleasure.

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