Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Message From The Other Side: Osiris Pt. 1"

For my hardcore Wu fans ... “Message to the Other Side - Osiris Part 1” drops today. Executive produced by Allah and featuring Wu Tang Clan’s ODB, The RZA and affiliates 4th Disciple, Brooklyn Zu, Allah, Masta Killah, Free Murder and others. This record has Dirty’s family and the entire Wu-Tang Clan behind him. A bonus to this package is a DVD a 20 minute excerpt of the soon to be released film “Dirty,” a Rapumentary about ODB.

'Message To The Other Side' Tracklisting:

1. Intro
2. Reunited
3. Live On The Air Part 1
4. Dirty
5. Child Seek Em Ft: Pleaz
6. Skrilla Ft: Rza
7. Wanna Bees Ft: Pleaz
8. Black Mamba Ft: Rza & Masta Killa
9. One Shot, Two Shot Ft: Thirstin Howl The 3rd
10. Got Love For You Ft: J-Love & Meyhem Lauren
11. Interlude
12. Say NO
13. Live On The Air Part 2 Ft: Method Man
14. All Coast
15. Stomp Ft: Rza
16. Live On The Air Part 3 Ft: Rza
17. Bam Bam
18. Osirus
19. Hot Sauce FT: Timbo King
20. Fort Green Projects Ft: FreeMurder, The Rza & Shacrone
21. Destiny Ft: Lesk One

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