Thursday, November 5, 2009

Watch This: Alchemist & Just Blaze Battle It Out

Tuesday night at Opera was a night I'll never forget. I went to support my homies from the RedBull BigTune team -- J.Moore, DV One, Jake One & Vitamin D -- since they were in town. Watching the up and coming producers battle it out is pretty funny -- a lot of them do little dances and stuff -- but what got me really excited was seeing the exhibition rounds where Tha Bizness and Denaun Porter showed off their hit songs and then Alchemist & Just Blaze went head to head in an amazing showdown. I shot most of the battle so I could share it with you -- one of the videos is super blurry but the rest seem to have turned out pretty well. This is the stuff that makes me love my life. I live for nights like these.

And there you have it. Sorry it's not always clear and it's sometimes shaky but film isn't my area of expertise just yet :). Hope you enjoyed.

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