Monday, July 21, 2008

Best Use of Auto Tune Outside of Zapp & Roger and "Sexual Eruption"

Question though? When Kanye says he lost "the girl that know me best" is he talking about his Mama or Alexis? Or the chick he bought implants for?

Hot video though -- I like the camera angles and speed and how the video starts out in that fog of rubble and woods.



THC said...

Eh this video is whatever. Kanye's verse was dope, but I could have done without the damn vocoder/autotune effect. It's played out.

Anonymous said...

Yo, is Kanye talking about lil' wayne in that part when he says, "I know N**** that was fronting when we knew he was broke, they say, "Damm weezy weezy don't you know us no mo?", you got that big fame homie, and you just changed on me..." IDK thats what i heard, maybe thats why he's using auto tune, to let the listeners know he was talking about Lil' Wayne....