Thursday, July 24, 2008

Listen to This: Game ft. Lil Wayne "My Life"

When I heard this song waaaaaay in the early stages of mixing it blew my mind and gave me a greater respect for Cool & Dre, Weezy, and even Chuck Taylor himself. Sometimes lyrics don't convince me... this wasn't one of those times.

Since that first listen the intro has added, a touch which I think is a little over the top. The song, particularly Wayne, who sounds convinced of his mortality on this track was already strong enough to summon the specter of Tupac for me (and probably Biggie for others) so the addition of the gunshots and even more of the name drops that have become Game's hallmark have possibly hurt what in my opinion was best left in its raw, poignantly gripping early condition. T

hat said, I still think it's hot, and I still will be bumping it. I fucks with this one...

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