Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Represent Represent (Nas NYC Alife Performance)

We're called Bravehearts for a reason... Big ups to the man of the hour*, Nas, who dropped his Untitled album yesterday.

Shouts to my dude Green Lantern! Congrats on your latest production accomplishments on Nas' album.

Check out the footage of his performance at the Alife store this week below:

I gotta give it up to Nas for taking it directly to the crowd -- something not too many MC's do anymore -- there he is in the midst of his audience, performing some of his greatest hits and taking the time to address a lot of the bullshit going on in current events and captivating the people. Granted, that audience looks pretty similar to most of the industry cats I see at every listening event I go to -- but I gotta give it up to him anyway.

*disclaimer: This blog is authored by a serious Nas fan, I can't even pretend I'm unbiased.

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